Early Adopter Opportunity

For the Most Revolutionary Technological Advancementin the History of PLR

The Fruit of Over $40,600 in Investment, R&D, and AlmostTwo Years of Development...


GPT-4 Added to Immersus!




The Video Above is only 1080p HD to save on Space and Bandwidth.

If you want to see a short full 4K UHD sample, click this video, click the settings icon at the bottom right,  set it to 4K, and choose full-screen (only for 4k screens and monitors obviously). But even this sample doesn't look as good as being inside the actual environment in the program.

ALERT:   VR Headsets Officially are now working with Immersus!  Using VR headsets is optional, of course, but our developer was working VERY hard on this due to popular demand from early testers and it's finally officially working with the Oculus VR Headsets - VERY exciting breakthrough!  



GPT-4 Added to Immersus!



FREE UPGRADESfor Early Adopters Only

Next-GenAAA Characters

VR HeadsetMode

Living Breathing Environment

With AI Characters Walking around Talking, etc. - Adds to Immersion 

Expanded Graphics Quality Options

Networking Functionality

(Not 100% Guaranteed but we're trying and IF we succeed, it WILL be Free)

8K Resolution Support (Yeah... 4K x 2)

Improved &Expanded UI

New Improved Visible World Outside Windows


GPT-4 Added to Immersus!



So...What Is This?

First, You Should Watch the Whole Video.

Immersus is the World's First AAA Graphics, 4K UHD,

VR-Ready, Virtual PLR Training System.

NOTE: VR is Not Required.  This looks Gorgeous on a regular computer/laptop screen.  But the VR option (FREE) is definitely very cool too!  Your buyers/students can use it whichever way they want.

It leverages the explosive new "meta" trend recently popularized by Facebook (Meta) CEO Mark Zuckerberg of putting users into an Immersive environment.

Except... unlike Zuckerberg's Metaverse... this isn't UGLY.

It's breath-takingly gorgeous and photorealistic.

Optional NERDY TECH Info:

Immersus was Created using cutting edge C++ visual technology and rendered with the help of next generation Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) including Nvidia GeForce RTX processors (yes, the same ones that are so powerful they are used to mine bitcoin and cryptocurrency).  

If you don't know what that means - it means when you get a PLR license for selling Immersus, you're arguably getting the most visually stunning immersive program ever created for training.

But...How Exactly Does it "Work"?

Great Question!

Think of Immersus kind of as a "video game".

But for Training!

People can enter the "virtual world" on PC either on their regular computer screen/monitor or they can put on a VR Headset and enjoy it in full Virtual Reality!  

(UPDATE: As of today I can confirm, VR 100% works with the Oculus headset - the world's number one VR headset - VERY exciting breakthrough!)

Within that "video game-like" environment, users can go into a training room and view video courses on a host of topics.

(Complete list of included courses is below).



Why are immersive, virtual, or computer-based training such a big deal or even a good idea at all?

And why should I be interested in selling it as my own?

Great Question!

First Reason:

It's a concept that's been 


By The

US Military &US Intelligence Agencies

I'm not kidding, here's an example of this type of first-person POV training being used in the US Department of Defense.

I had to do this when I was in the Air Force!

Warning: Theirs is UGLY.

Ours isn't :)

Second Reason:

It's the Future of Training.

You already know big names like Zuckerberg have made this a top priority and trend in the social media and gaming spaces... 
But it's turning into a flaming hot trend in the corporate training niche too!
Touchstone Research documented a 75-90% knowledge retention rate in immersive and virtual training scenarios, as well as a 5X higher engagement rate!
Stanford University found a 76% increase in learning effectiveness, according to Accenture.

MSU (Michigan State University), in a case study recorded by, found that 70% of users preferred computer "video game-like" trainings and they documented an improved engagement rate of 200%!

Third Reason:

Massive Profit Potential.

Obviously we cannot make any specific income claims or income guarantees, but we feel the potential speaks for itself.

A $332 BillionMarket

Last Year.
Big names are getting involved, precisely because of how profitable (and arguably inevitable) this phenomenon is. 
Zion market Research anticipates a...


(Combined Annual Growth Rate)

And an eventual size of $973 Billion by 2030.

No wonder WALMART has started using already and is planning to expand its use across 200 training centers!

Fourth Reason:

Rare chance to get INTO this trend BEFORE it explodes.

Did you miss the AI or ChatGPT wave?
Did you miss the crypto wave?

Did you miss the NFT or blockchain waves?

The Amazon FBA wave?  The YouTube wave? etc etc?
Did you miss any of the giant trends that exploded, because you didn't hear about them (or didn't have your own asset to leverage) until it was already history?
This is a rare chance to get in on the ground floor BEFORE it's too late or before it gets saturated.  And you don't even need to study or learn how to MAKE an asset because we've already made it!  We're HANDING you the opportunity on a silver platter right now so you can leverage this new phenomenon.

Sell Under Your Brand

Gorgeous Templates

EASY to Customize

Takes 90 Seconds!


We've made rebranding super easy by including some pre-made customizable eCover template.  You don't even need to mess with Photoshop or anything techy like that!  You can do it all inside PowerPoint (or equivalent slide software) and it only takes about 90 seconds!

Or you can also create your own graphics from scratch if you'd prefer.  You have Full PLR Rebranding Rights!

Your Imagination is the Limit!

Does it Come WithPLR Courses Included?

Heck Yes!

We've Included a Whopping Twelve (12) of Our Acclaimed PLR Courses Covering a host of Sales, Marketing, Corporate Leadership/Management, and Personal Development Topics.

Marketing Automation

Cold Sales Calling

Conversion Optimization

Getting Past Gatekeepers

Precision Ad Targeting




Better Meetings

Goal Setting


Workplace Morale

There's NOTHING you need to do.  They're already loaded inside the training environment and ready to go!  Your clients/students just need to pick one and click "play".

Who Can I SellThis To?

You can sell it to anyone!

Individuals or Organizations

Just Ask Yourself...

Who might want the training itself?


Who might be impressed or excited by the cutting edge virtual environment?

(for themselves or their people)

Businesses, Non-Profits and Government Entities for example, LOVE being on the Cutting Edge of the latest technology!  And they often have FAT wallets and budgets to spend on this sort of thing.  

Think of all the CTOs (Chief Training Officers) and HR Managers who would love to impress their bosses by implementing this sort of thing! 

Sell it to companies.

Sell it to internet marketers.

Sell it to non-profits.

Sell it to government agencies.

Sell it to IM newbies and solopreneurs.

The Sky is the Limit!

But here's a few ideas...




Law Firms

Gyms & Fitness

Insurance Companies

Web Design Agencies

Marketing & Ad Agencies

Trucking Companies



Repair Shops

Franchise Owners

Car Dealerships

Car Rentals

Family Clinics


Lawn Services


Police Departments

County Sheriff

Fire Departments

Post Offices

Parks & Recreation

Public Schools

Army National Guard

Air National Guard

City Halls or County Clerks


Veterans Affairs Office

VA Hospitals

DMV (If you dare enter.)

Planning & Zoning Office

Social Services

Welfare, SNAP, & WIC



Faith-Based Orgs


Homeless Charities

Shelters & Kitchens

Animal Charities

Rehab Centers

Medical Charities

Some Zoos

Some Aquariums

Some Libraries

Veterans' Charities

Research Institutes

Social Welfare Orgs

Fraternal Societies

Retirement Fund Orgs

Veteran Organizations

Scholarship Foundations

And a Billion More...


Nothing like this has EVER been seen before.  So just with the "wow factor" alone you can potentially get a LOT of people interested.

Be The First...

You will literally be the FIRST...

EVER... be able to sell this solution.


Has even HEARD of this.

You will truly be on the cutting-edge of this concept, with NO competition.

PLR and Reseller Terms:

You May: Resell this to customers and clients.

You May: Rebrand the graphics and come up with your own product name.

You May NOT: Give access away for free.

You May NOT: Sell or give away any licensing rights such as PLR or Resell Rights.

Policies: As of right now, we need resellers and early access testers to be willing to provide us with feedback and information, including bugs, glitches, performance issues, sales figures, and any advice, opinions, ideas for improvement, etc.  Additionally, due to the sensitive nature of this project, there is currently a no refund policy. Also, while we're in the early experimental stage, minimum pricing requirements are still being determined but we're willing to consider any requests (and minimums will likely become more flexible as we move out of the early testing phases) but as always, before purchasing, ensure you read the most recent terms and conditions (linked at the bottom of this page) for details on that as well as other information about your PLR rights, pricing, fees, and future upgrades and updates.


Currently ONLY for Windows.

Specific PC requirements (e.g. video card, CPU, etc) are currently UNKNOWN - because this is still in pre-alpha testing, but we've added graphics options in the settings menu that theoretically should make this usable on even a low-end laptop.  We'll be relying on you to message us if the program runs slowly, etc, etc.  All universal updates and fixes are free for you.  Also keep in mind, you're buying licensing rights... a biz opp.  So even if it doesn't work on your machine, you can still sell it to other people/businesses.  As soon as we have clear system requirements we will publish those (and we will also optimize the program further to work better on older/less fancy computers).

You will be the FIRST in the world to have this.

(With the exception of your fellow Alpha Testers, of Course...)

VERY LOW PricedToday Only


You Get Access to the Program IMMEDIATELY


GPT-4 Added to Immersus!



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- Ben Crain

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