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Or I'll Pay YOU $100 Cash in Addition to Your Full Refund

Let Me Work with You 1-on-1 to Get Your Business Up and Running and Get You Sales and Leads.100% Guaranteed.




A One-on-One Guaranteed Results Program in which I leverage my two most powerful assets, my knowledge and my email list, to generate you guaranteed traffic, leads, and sales.

(Now With DFY Product Creation Included!)

But First:

Who Am I?

"Steven Alvey is...

...the Elon Musk                    of marketing."

- Dawn Smith, The John Maxwell Team

Proudly Endorsed By:

Kevin Harrington,Shark Tank

Brian Tracy,
Bestselling Author

John Lee Dumas,Entrepreneur on Fire

Laura Casselman,CEO of JVZoo

"One of best digital marketers online right now.... Steven has been a fantastic mentor."

- Ben Crain, Advertiser for MasterCard, Central Bank, Hardees, Budweiser, and Harley-Davidson

"Steven knows a thing or two about beating the odds... I highly recommend you reach out to Steven Alvey today."- Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington

"...the guy is a freaking genius."- Rob Royce

"One of best digital marketers online right now..."

- Ben Crain, Renowned Advertiser for MasterCard, Hardees, Budweiser, etc.

"Steven Alvey is a killer marketer who really knows how to sell... his funnels have insanely high conversion rates...  If you ever get a chance to work with him... take it!- Laura Casselman, CEO of JVZoo

"...one of the most brilliant marketers I've had the pleasure to work with... Get on his radar..."- Gene Pimentel

"Steve Alvey is awesome.  Sales, conversions, all that jazz... definitely give him a holla and you'll be prepared to ignite!"- John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneurs on Fire

"A class act!" - Lonnie Robinson

"My old pal Zig Ziglar used to say 'all outstanding people have an absolute sense of mission.' Steven is one of those people. He has an astonishing mastery of sales, persuasion, and copywriting, as well as unparalleled skill in digital marketing, online funnels, and profit maximization. It is absolutely crucial that you work with Steven Alvey - right now."
- Brian Tracy,World's #1 Personal Development, Sales, and Success Author and Speaker

"One of the most Ethical people I know..."- Riaan Cornelius

Top 1% Affiliate

According to JVZoo

"...one of the most generous guys I know in the internet marketing space."- Trevor McHaffie

Well Over


in Sales Online

"He's been life-changing... really goes above and beyondto help you become successful."- Anthony, SFC - US Army

"Steven has a mastery of sales and marketing that few others have achieved. It’s absolutely incredible."
- John Thornhill

17X Product of the Day Winner23X JVZoo #1 Best Seller

"amazing... how he adds belief, I can't even explain it...a masterpiece in persuasion"- Marlon Sanders

"...a stand-up guy. An entrepreneur anda family man!"
- Mario Brown

On the Cover ofHome BusinessMagazine

(Right next to Gerard Butler!)

"He's really moved internet marketing forward... he's brought these ideas together in a synthesis which very few can match...I'm confident that he will be the man to watch."- Robin Joyce

Co-Author with World-Renowned Entrepreneurs

(Physical copies of these books are included free to all clients.)

"I learned more about email marketing from a 30 minute lunch with Steven Alvey than I have in a whole year."- Ope Banwo IIIMillionaire Software Tycoon

"Steven Alvey is a force to be reckoned with..."- Omar Martin

"Steven has created a new level of conversion.  It's the stuff legends are made of..."- Paul Counts

"Easily the least vain and most handsome dude I know..."- Steven Alvey


Who am I?


For those of you who skipped all the stuff above...
I'm a husband, father of seven (yes, seven) and combat veteran who left active duty in 2016 and went from flat broke to generating seven-figures online in a very short amount of time with almost no money in the bank or outside funding.  How?  I'm just REALLY good at sales.  That's all.
I'm well-known for maximizing conversions, maximizing revenue and profits, I've helped businesses generate hundreds of thousands of additional dollars in revenue, and I've got a list of happy customers longer than the line of fat kids at the ice cream stand.
I'm enjoying the quiet life on 36 acres in the mid-west, growing tomatoes, raising chickens, playing with the kids, roasting brats and marshmallows over the fire pit, eating too much cheese, but drinking just the right amount of Cabernet Sauvignon.


Let Me Work with You 1-on-1 to Get Your Business Up and Running and Get You Sales and Leads.100% Guaranteed.




Or I'll Pay YOU $100 Cash in Addition to Your Full Refund

What's Included?

You're getting all of this:

Module Zero:

DFY Product Creation!!!

We've actually done it. We've decided to create  your product for you. TWO of them actually!  Using the same process/model we use in my own business. We will create a 100% Unique 2,500 word ebook and an accompanying video course for you. We'll make sure that it's something  that will perform good for my email list.


Module 1:


Once you have a suitable unique offer set up (don't worry, I'll help you), I will come on board as your personal super affiliate and send traffic to it.  This is not "solo ads" or some kind of cheap "PPC" stuff.  This is me marketing to MY customer list.  MY tribe.  This traffic is 100% Guaranteed.

Module 2:


When I promote your offer to my tribe, you WILL make sales and you WILL build a list of BUYERS.  For many of you, this might be the first cent you've ever made online.  This might be the first time you've ever had a customer after years and years of struggling.  And the buyer leads, as you know are FAR more valuable than an email list of freebie-seekers.  Sales & Leads are 100% GUARANTEED

Module 3:

3 Hours of 1-on-1 Skype Calls

You and I will spend a LOT of time together on the phone.  All the secrets, methods, tactics, and advice in this tiny brain of mine, which helped my generate way over $1,000,000 in revenue online, are at your disposal.

Module 4:

My Cell Phone Number

for 24/7 SMS/Text Messaging

If you're international, we can use WhatsApp.

Day or Night, you can text me.  This is my actual cell phone, not one of those browser-based numbers that I check online periodically (although those are useful during launches and stuff).  You'll have me in your back pocket for an entire year!

Module 5:

Video Testimonial

Assuming your offers pass the smell test, I'll personally endorse your stuff with a video testimonial (along with a text version) for you to make use of on your site or sales pages.

I'm sure I don't need to explain why this would be so valuable...

Module 6:

ALL of my Products. Yes, All of Them.

Every single product I've ever sold up until this moment is yours free and you'll also get all my future internet marketing products too, with the exception of certain high-ticket programs that might come out in the future.

Module 7:

Joint Product

A joint product consisting of a recorded live call with you and me both on screen (one of those split screen interview style videos) which you can package and brand as your own and sell and keep 100% of the profits or use as a bonus or lead magnet to build your list, etc etc.

Module 8:

ANOTHER Joint Product

I'm also giving you a fully customizable set of courses that you can put YOUR face on, add some lessons taught by ME, and also a license to include my face and name on your graphics for the product as seen here.






Or I'll Pay YOU $100 Cash in Addition to Your Full Refund

365-Day Guarantee

100% Money Back


$100 Cash Back

100% Guaranteed Sales, Leads, and Traffic

This is the most attractive Guarantee I've Ever Offered.  Here's the terms:  One of the main aims of this 1-on-1 Coaching is to help you develop an offer of your own.  I will come on board as your Super Affiliate (minimum 40% please) and promote this offer to MY OWN email list (yes, really) and I can 100% GUARANTEE you will make sales and get buyer leads.  The offer you create must pass my "smell test", meaning it needs to be a good fit for my list, it needs to meet my personal quality standards and ethical standards, the pricing needs to match what I recommended (at least for my promo, you can charge whatever you want afterwards of course) and the sales page you create NEEDS to look good enough that I can send traffic and not be embarrassed or worried it won't convert (and don't worry, I'll be showing you how to make a killer sales page).  If there are problems with your offer, regarding the above-mentioned standards, don't worry, I'll just send it back for you to fix it and you will STILL get the guaranteed promo and guaranteed sales when you present an offer that meets the above criteria.  Obviously, this guarantee is void if you choose not to use your 6 hours of calls with me, choose not to create a suitable offer or take more than a year to do so, or choose not to follow my guidance on offer quality, content, or page design.  If, after I promote your suitable offer to my audience, you have not made sales and gotten buyer leads, you will receive a 100% Refund PLUS I will send you $100 CASH out of my own pocket - NO exceptions!  The reason I'm offering this whacky guarantee is because I am 100% confident that I can help you like I've helped the many people in the testimonial videos above and that we will get you sales and buyer leads.  100% Guaranteed, NO Exceptions.


Quick Recap.  You're Getting:

  • DFY Product Creation!!!!!!!!!!!! (NEW)
  • Guaranteed Traffic
  • Guaranteed Sales
  • Guaranteed Buyer Email List
  • Me as a Super Affiliate
  • 3 Hours of 1-on-1 Calls
  • Unlimited 24/7 SMS/Text Messages
  • A Video Testimonial
  • Every Product I've Ever Sold
  • TWO Joint Product Opportunities
  • FINALLY Make it Online

Trust Me.  I've been doing this for 5 years.  You WILL Get Sales and a List of Buyer Leads.  Period.

365-Day Guarantee

100% Money Back


$100 Cash Back

100% Guaranteed Sales, Leads, and Traffic

"If you have a chance to learn from him, take it!"- Laura Casselman, CEO of JVZoo

"Steve Alvey is Awesome.  Give him a holla!"- John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneurs on Fire

EXCLUSIVELY for Friends of PromoteLabs

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